Or search for "DICECPU" in the Apple App Store.

Use the DICE app to explore raw RGB pixels from your camera
and coding with p5js 

- colormeter: see RGB pixel values.   -- insight
- colord: rainbow color effect            -- Light
- delay: slow motion effect               -- Time
- pixeld: pixel sub sampling effect     -- Space
scripting with p5js                         -- Algorithm

What does DICE mean?
Distributed Instruments for Computed Expression

Demonstration of DICE at the National Museum of African American History:

Demonstration of DICE at NYU-ITP

Recent Interview:

The DICE Vision

DICE is a platform for exploring art, learning, and computer science.

It is an open source project consisting of these major components:
- DICE iOS Mobile App
- DICE OSX Desktop App
- DICE Store backend server

The goal of DICE is to make it easier to play and create art with mobile device sensor data.

The full version of DICE is currently in private beta, contact me to collaborate on github.

DICE Preview Videos:

More photos entombed in these silos: 

Variety pack 2018-02-24: Color meter brush and gravity brush.

2018-02-19 DICE colored mind: gravity on black.

2018-02-17 DICE Colored mind: Team work with gravity lines.

DICE colored mind: Am I not a black man?

The colored mind meditates on DICE:

Logo design by Zahra Khosravi at ITP-NYU:

p5js  + DICE  2017-11-xx

DICE desktop basic.dice + webkit debugging of dice devices 2017-11-xx

DICE Color wave 2017-09-10

DICE Device Preview 2017-09-13
DICE Preview on Devices 2017-09-13

At the nMAAhC 2017-09-08 planning to archive old work and previewing new work.

DICE color meter view of Brown Bag Test at nMAAhC 2017-09-08.

Orchestrated DICE. Using devices to explore art and science.


Place of my workship: episual design, with by co-worker and brother Jervis Thompson aka JERVO, also Drexel professor in DIGM.


DICE image from iPhone 2017-08-?? me at my crib in front of my art wall. Laminated 8x10 color prints: Color Wheel generated by Javascript, WEB DuBois photo, and Family photo on lower right.

DICE: Distributed Instruments for Computed Expression.
flowing from my early software. 

I sent my cosmic twin, Benjamin B., my DICE app in 2001, he sent back this screen shot.

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