I choose to physically, mentally, and spiritually challenge myself to sweat, observe, learn, and grow. I choose a journey in Self study.

30 Days of Yoga, 30 Minutes a Day: Journey to a Life of Bliss.

I found this book by Lisa Lofthouse every helpful. 

She has more 30-minute videos on her face book page too.

Practicing her yoga program inspired this page:

[10x10]•Strong Present•Strong Future

Start with two key exercises and aim to perform every hour for 2-3 minutes for up to 10 times per day. I suggest series of forward fold and about 10 pushups per set to start. Keep a beach towel with you during the day so you can do a quick set in a secluded corner. Try for a month and see how your body feels. Try keeping a log of times and duration of each set. Here's a short set performed outside July 18, 2016.

[10x10] Outside the Barnes Foundation, Phila PA.
2 min 33 secs. 2016-07-18